Obsession 2

Gapfill exercise

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we at the we can see a billboard poster in black and white. the photo an authentic advert for the luxury fashion giant, Calvin Klein. for it’s perfume branch, “Obsession”, for women.
we can see the back of a naked middle-aged woman who is holding her stomach, crouched down on the ground.
our eye is attracted to the where we also see a white toilet.
Despite the elegance of the photo and its stark resemblance to the classic black and white settings of Calvin Klein’s fashion ads the is very -.
my , this fake advert aims to denounce the power that advertising has over women. It especially has an message that criticises the long-term harmful effects of women’s “obsession” with corresponding to the accepted norms of beauty.
I is that women feel confident and attractive if they are slim and sometimes dieting can lead to more pathological illnesses such as bulimia. Despite external signs of beauty and happiness, some women, even very famous ones like Lady Diana for instance, were prisoners to their illness.
To conclude, this advert is very effective because the sensuality and femininity of the photograph hide a : the sadness and pain that some women can feel because they do not feel adequately beautiful if they compare themselves to top-models.
you your .
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