Marcus Davies - EFPG student

Gapfill exercise

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- Hello, you to take a ?
- Thank you very much.
- So perhaps you’d like to start by telling me about your ?
- Well erm…my name is Marcus Davies and I am years old. I in in Manchester and moved to France with my family when I was . I did my in Grenoble and the BAC S exam .
- I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the French education system. What exactly is a BAC S ?
- Oh, yes I’m sorry. It’s a secondary school . In England it’s to A specialised in - subjects.
- I see. I in your CV that you did 2 years at a preparatory school. Is that “prep” school ?
- Oh no, it’s a -year university programme in preparation to take the examination to French INP engineering schools. INP Institut National Polytechnique. It's actually one of the best technological universities in Europe with well over 1,000 gra­dua­tes each year. It's sort of our M.I.T. if you see what I mean.
- Oh really ?
- Yes. It’s not at all like the English polytechnic schools. In fact it’s a very institute with a process.
- Perhaps you’d like to tell me about the you’re doing at the moment.
- Certainly. I’m finishing my final year of a - university programme at the EFPG engineering school, specialised in and science and . Over the last three years I have learned about all the aspects of working in the world. I’ve studied , Transformation, Printing, Paper science, -, Colour management and many other courses.
- That’s all good and well, but what type of have you acquired so far? Do you feel ready to the job market and on in a like ours?
- Well, I was very lucky to gain -on experience in the paper industry during the I carried out in my first and second year of studies. In my first year did a 2-month training period for a local printing firm called “ABC Printers”. My included the machine in the factory, and creating using publishing . Although my responsibilities were not great this was my first encounter with one aspect of the printing world. My colleagues were very and answered all of my questions. My second training period was much more formative and technical. In fact I it in a famous company called , “Kodak’. As you know it’s a in the field of photography and film paper. Added to this I was able to spend several weeks in Japan and in England.
- Interesting. So you’ve travelled quite a lot then? Why did you choose Japan of all places ?
- It me to work on my language in English and also begin learning a new language and more about the Japanese culture, which is a far cry from European norms I might add. be , I choose Japan first of all because I saw it as a personal , travelling so far away and having to rely on my ability to communicate clearly, to adapt to different working conditions and to my theoretical knowledge . Secondly, as I would like to specialize in colour management I chose one of the leaders on the market as I knew that I would learn a lot from this type of training period.
- Mmmm. What exactly were your at KODAK ?
- My was to small projects into colour management and try and the quality of the printed image on the film . My - supervisor coordinated my project and reported on my progress to the every 2 weeks. I a 20-page report on my research at the end my placement, which I with my CV and letter of application. Actually, I feel very fortunate to have been selected by KODAK as I had the opportunity not only of my knowledge in colour management but also my international with very useful contacts for the future. On a personal level, I found my work placements very as I made good friends and solid business . I worked on my skills too and I’m sure that my experience will me in for the future.
- OK. Well, I think that’s about all. Is there anything else that you’d like to add ?
- Yes, my long-term career objective is to a job for a multinational company, preferably one like yours with in the United States or Canada. As for the of my studies, for the moment I am replies for several for my final year work placement although I must admit that I have already been - by OCE for a 2-month training period in one of their factories in Finland. However, I would certainly be open to any suggestions that you might have if you had an for the next 2-3 months.
- Well I’ll most certainly that in mind and thank you for your time. I’ll in over the next few days but I think I can safely say that we could have an opening for you in our Californian if you were interested. I’ll send the details via the web and let you get back to me as soon as you’ve made a decision. OK?
- That’s fabulous news! Thank you very much.
- You’re . Good bye.
- Goodbye.