Welcome to STEP in English


Congratulations! You’ve just taken your first « step » towards improving your presentation skills. This site will provide you with all the necessary documents on how to improve your presentation techniques, the language you need to use, tips on pronunciation, body language and a selection of links to perfect your skills and widen your knowledge.

STEP also offers you the opportunity of self-assessing your level. You don’t have to follow the learning paths from start to finish (although it is advisable for weaker students) so shop around and work on what you’re interested in.


Online courses

In this section you’ll find tips on preparing and giving your presentation, non-verbal communication, specific presentation markers and expert advice on slideshow aesthetics.


Audio glossary

In this section you’ll find over 200 commonly mispronounced target words, pronunciation rules and hit-lists.


Interactive activities


In this section you can choose from a variety of exercises which will help you assess your understanding of the principles covered in the courses you have followed.