Giving your opinion

Look at the following ways to describe your opinion .
Notice how we can vary the strength of our opinion.

A) Remaining neutral

• "I think (that)."
• "I feel (that)."
• "In my opinion."
• "As far as I'm concerned."
• "As I see it."
• "In my view."
• "To my mind."
• "Well, if you ask me I’d say …” (fam.)."

B) Expressing a strong opinion

• "I'm absolutely convinced that."
• "I'm sure that."
• "I strongly believe that."
• "I have no doubt that."
• "I firmly believe that."
• "Without a shadow of a doubt, I’m for / I'm against this issue."

C) Asking someone to share their opinion with you

• "What do you think ?."
• "What's your view ?."
• "How do you see the situation ?."
• "What do you reckon ?”(fam.)."
• "How do you see things ?."
• "I’m interested in what X has to say. Let’s hear him / Let’s hear her out."

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