Presentation language : The Beginning

1. Greetings

• Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

• Good afternoon everyone.  Shall we begin?

• Ladies and gentlemen.  Good morning.  It's a pleasure to be here with you today.

• Good afternoon.  If everybody's ready, I think we can begin now.


2. Introducing yourself and company

• Let me introduce myself first.  I'm Robert Vincent, and I'm with CNRS—the French National Center for Scientific Research—in the Department of Solid State Physics.

• I'd like to introduce myself.  I'm Pierre Dupont from Dazzi Engineering. 
Dazzi Engineering is a small but fast-growing company in Grenoble, in the heart of the French Alps.  Our main activities are in the field of waste management.  You may be familiar with some of the techniques we've developed for plastics recycling.

• Before I begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I'm Susan Saranwrap.  I'm a research engineer with Electricité de France or EDF.  EDF is the leading company for the production of electricity in France and in Europe.

3.  Stating your purpose

• My purpose today is to give an analysis of the role of government in Japanese industry.

• What I would like to do this afternoon is present recent advances in the hybrid car.

• My objective today is to go over some interesting applications for the self-cleaning   glass developed at St Gobain.

• My talk today will deal with recent developments in nuclear safety technology.   

• My presentation this morning will concern primarily the decline in the British cinema.

• This afternoon, I'd like to cover two topics of interest to the paper industry:  the bleaching process and electronic ink.

4. Giving a short introduction

• One of the main problems facing any company in the field of nuclear energy today is overcoming public opposition to nuclear installations.  Ten years after the events at Chernobyl, the public still needs to be reassured.  This afternoon, I would like to describe some of the recent developments in nuclear safety technology and show how they can be presented in layman's terms.

• The design of electric vehicles has improved enormously in the past ten years.  Electric cars have become lighter and faster.  However, they still do not have enough autonomy.  And they will not make large gains in autonomy until research has developed better batteries.  I'm here today to present some possible approaches to the problem.   

5. The overview

• To begin with, I'll be speaking about the components normally found in our atmosphere.  Then, we'll examine some of the reasons for the growth in CO2 in recent years.  After that, I'll explain what the greenhouse effect is and how it works.   And finally, we'll take a look at some possible consequences of the increase in temperature caused by the greenhouse effect.

• First of all, I'll be presenting a historical view of AIDS and how it spread.  Then, we'll analyze the segments of the population most susceptible to the disease at its beginnings and compare them to the types of cases we are finding today.  Finally, we'll try to forecast the evolution of AIDS in the coming years.

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